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Polaroids Of Androids


Thomas William x Guerre
Jerome The Gospel

Less of a collaboration and more of a tug-o-war between Tommo's insistently start/stop aesthetic and Gazza's dark atmospheric tones. In the wise words of Saint "blessed" Jerome — "yo dawgs, can't we get along?" But maybe then these things wouldn't work, as for every foggy vocal drift, indecipherable whisper and encouraging moan, there's a short, violent jolt of lyfe, an electronic spark to snap this from the depths of despair and self-obsession and into an exciting world of glitch-driven unpredictability and fidgety sound-escaping.

Jerome The Gospel is the solitary new/original/fresh song to feature on Thomas' forthcoming Deccan Technicolour Remixes LP, available towards the end of the month via those Astral People. You can still grab the original version of that record over on his Bandcamp for no-minimum-spend.

And speaking of Guerre, his Apathy 12" collab with Nakagin is now available via The Finer Things.

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