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Polaroids Of Androids


Total Control
Carpet Club Crash (Ozone mix)

Here's a new one from Melby strobe-punx Total Control. Ok, maybe not entirely new, but rather a clubbed-out reworking of Carpet Rash off their hit album Henge Beat. A song primarily about the perils of third degree knee burns — related to either setting up cuntloads of effects pedals or digging out a lady hole — it's been reworked by Michael Ozone for a new 12" release on his Home Loan Records imprint. Suitably glossed for dancing floor consumptions and/or flooring it from a speed lab after a Heads Up, falling through a wall drowning in the Most Special K, or pumping irons on a Saturday morning at the local gymnasium after a large bowl of fruit, Powerade and Special K. Something for everyone/anyone.

The new Total Control 12" is out any day now, packaged with a mildly re-jigged version of Carpet Rash, two completely new instrumental tracks and a couple of re-mixes. Listen to the whole thing over here.

Thanks to Shaun Prescott and his fantastic new website/blog Crawlspace for the heads up. Add that one to your daily refreshes if you haven't already.

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Total Control
Michael Ozone


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