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Total Control
One More Tonight + The Hammer

Since as far back as I can remember (about March) I've been wondering if the two distinctly different musical personalities of Total Control (the regimented Krauty minimalism and the garage-punk looseness) would play together nicely when forced to on their debut LP Henge Beat. Would one dominate? Would the band just bite-the-bullet and choose to focus on one style? Would they finally manage to crossover the longneck crowd into the fertilizer-hoofing world? No, no and maybe. More after the jump.

Wonder no more glassy-eyed punks/mods!... these two stylistically opposed sides DO merge nicely together, like bacon and anything. Clearly illustrated here by our buddy Garage Band who has fused the two songs together to create one almightily epic seven minute jam that travels from the warehouse scene of the Melbourne suburbs to the warehouse scene of some place where nu-rave eighties mid-tempo techno revivalism is still huge (ie. Geelong).

Henge Beat is out now via Seattle-based label Iron Lung Records, and locally via [Does Anybody Know?] Records (you'll probably be able to get it very soon at Repressed). The band will be doing their Sydney launch for the LP this Friday at Good God, with assistance from Naked On The Vague and Holy Balm.

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Total Control


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