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Tralala Blip
I Wanna Leave Home

Tralala Blip began life in 2007 as a workshop for people with intellectual and physical disabilities, operating within the often problematic confines of a government-operated disability service. Since 2009, however, it's functioned as it's own independent entity — a collaborative band with an origin that founder, Randolf Reimann (formerly of Sydney hardcore band, Massappeal), lovingly describes in a fantastic recent interview with Crawlspace:

Within the first week of our initial jams back in 2008, I thought we sounded like a cross between early Animal Collective and Bruce Haack on heavy sedatives. Also, I was so blown away with the lack of ego and the lack of self consciousness, and because of these omissions from the music making equation, the resulting self-expression was truly original. It was just people being people. It was not dissimilar from early punk/post-punk gigs i witnessed in Sydney during the '80s. It had the same raw self expression.

And all that is articulated precisely within the music itself.

There's a wonderful natural flow to Tralala Blip's electronic instrumentation. A technicolour dream-like state that moves on it's own momentum. All the wonderful freedom of experimental actions, yet still operating with at least one eye on the function of pop structure, with different elements punctuated the linearity — almost as suggested paths to trek down — yet the determined course still leads the army of tiny bright, glittery injections.

Their new album, Aussie Dream, is out now via Disembraining Machine. Thanks again to Crawlspace for the heads up on this one.

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Tralala Blip


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