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Polaroids Of Androids



In my review of Traps' debut EP Common Errors the single criticism I had was that the group sounded like they were playing it all a little bit safe and - although showcasing obvious talent - weren't bringing a bucketload of originality to the table.

Brainwasher, the b-side of their forthcoming Standard Life 7", is exactly what was missing.

The track is built around a droning keyboard-based composition, which gets randomly crunched, grinded and stomped on by a series of random effect mechanisms. It's a long way from their signature indie pop, carrying not only a lot more weight behind it but also sounding a whole lot more creatively free. I think these guys might have enjoyed that last Snowman album (almost) as much as we did.

Standard Life will be released via Rice Is Nice on May 1. You can catch the group officially launching the 7" at Curious Works Studio in Surry Hills on Saturday, May 23.

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