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Polaroids Of Androids


Tucker B's

God bless the Tucker B's. Without them music would be a boring heap of clunky poop. We don't even want to imagine a world where these young ruffians don't exist. It's a disgusting feeling. Like mushrooms topped with pepper sauce. Urgh!

This track - the first second little sneak peak from the group's upcoming (highly anticipated) new album - is standard Tucker B's mayhem. Firstly, it's not really a traditional 'pop rock jam' BUT it's still catchy as all hell. Yes, catchy like Da House Of Satan. It's also laced with the group's tight song structure and brilliant 'a little bit melodic, a little bit shouty' vocals .... AND that horn breakdown - where did that come from? Sorry, don't want to spoil it BUT whoa.. is that a jazz keyboard solo sneaking in? This is pure amazing-ness.

There is no confirmed release date for the new record just yet BUT we have been told that it is expected to be all mastered, complete and ready to go sometime around mid-March AND that it was recorded with the one and only ex-Gerling-ite Burke Reid at Big Jesus Burger studios.

We are sticking by our original claim that the record will be THE most important/greatest release of 2009. Prepare to have your face blown off.

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Tucker Bs


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