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Tucker Bs
Lord We Are Your Playlord

In celebration of the fact Australia's finest mayhem enthusiasts, the honorable Tucker Bs, are playing a super-rare show TONIGHT at the Annandale Hotel, I thought I would post one the group's finest moments.

Playlord, aside from being the most perfect end to one of the most brilliant records ever (their 2005 opus Chubby), is a fantastic summary of the beautifully insane musical style of Da Tucking Bees.

Let's just have a little look at what we're dealing with here:

00:00 - A lullaby. An ode to 'The Playlord'.
01:08 - Classic Tuck Tuck guitar insanity.
02:52 - Calm. Something about posting letters at the 'Playlord Post Office'.
04:28 - The end of the song?
04:40 - Nope.
04:54 - Some cult-like chanting.
05:14 - The greatest closing 26 seconds of any song/album EVER.

Yep. See youse all tonight.

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Tucker Bs


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