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Polaroids Of Androids


TV Colours

From the faded mattress on the "lawn" of your hand-me-down-caravan. Parked (broken down) in the worst street of the most loving and hopelessly mulleted community of misfits you could ever dream to know. Somewhere forty or fifty clicks past the outskirts of a fading industrial town. Circa 1986. A frequently revolving fashion-scape parading through the trash-heap magazines you salvage. Gazing longingly towards a seemingly limitless future full of robots and fist pumps and no worries. These are the only things that keep you going.

Much like fellow Dream Damager, Danger Beach, TV Colours has consistently traded in this fuzzy sense of warped nostalgia. Here it's 100% gold classic rock riffs that smother the passionate yelps of hope. Everything grinded through a time-frozen tape-deck afterwards, but the hazed sunset is still clearly visible. A great bloody big target for us to ride into.

Beverly is the first taste from TV Colours' looooooooong awaited debut album, Purple Skies, Toxic River, a record that has been scrapped more times that the Federal Cash-For-Babies Scheme (ie. twice). The LP is out on June 1 via Parisian label Eighteen Records and locally/everywhere on compact disc and MP3 mid-June via Dream Damage.

Purple Skies, Toxic River tracklisting:

  1. The Neighbourhood
  2. Lost Highway
  3. The City
  4. Run With The Creeps
  5. The Kids Are All Grown Up
  6. Beverly
  7. Skyline Beach
  8. City Nights
  9. I Sound Found Out My That My Lonely Life Wasn't So Pretty
  10. Livin After Midnight
  11. Bad Dreams
  12. The Lost Years
  13. Dark Dats Against The Fade
  14. Losing Control
  15. Wastelands

Refresh this page for pre-order details, (presumably) coming soon.

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TV Colours


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tour details (coming soon)????

8 years ago


yeah same here.. any facebook or twitter account for the updates?


8 years ago

Jonnythan Unix Epoch Nail


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