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Polaroids Of Androids


Unity Floors
Holy Hell

Let's see how close we can get.

Holy Hell has been a live favourite for as long as my damaged brain cells can recall. An instant air-bound fist pump. You don't want to, but it's beyond your control. Songs of this nature, essentially delivered as motivation speeches on the topic of Escapism, will always take over the body mainframe that controls limb movement and instinctual actions. Man-da-tory. Naturally perpetuating momentum, fuelled by that unmistakable thrust of charmingly sloppy energy.

Yeah, we talk often, often enough. But it's just great to (finally) hear this outside the staged environment and on the portable players that fill our dwellings and automobiles (get in the bloody car) with waveforms. Amidst the comforts of these privacy havens we can really let this one know how we feel via completely ungracious bodily actions.

Happy Unity Floors Day everyone!

The duo's debut LP, Exotic Goldfish Blues, is out today via Pop Frenzy. Instantly sort your day out with the digital download via Bandcamp or head down to Repressed for the vinyl.

Launch shows next week:

Thursday, December 5: Trainspotters, Brisbane
w/ Screaming Match and Scrabble

Friday December 6: Dane Certificate's Magic tricks, Gags and Theatre, Melbourne
w/ Chook Race and Wet Blankets

Saturday December 7: Factory Floor, Sydney
w/ Adults, Nathan Roche and Charles Buddy Daaboul

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Unity Floors


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Matt Banham


9 years ago


I like that it's been available on Spotify for 2 weeks without anyone noticing.

9 years ago

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