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Polaroids Of Androids


Unity Floors
Identity Theft

A touch more polish. Nah, not a failed punk rock Eurovision entry from the Eastern Block, just a little smidgen of shine for the rough-as-drywall-intercourse format of their previously aired demos. But not too much. And, luckily, that nostalgic glancing remains unhindered. Suburban boredom and the like is still in there as well. Effortlessly delivered, sliced up with occasional bursts of energetic passion. Some talk about "shotgun weddings" like they're no big deal. And perfectly undercooked pop hooks and guitar riffs more addictive than what should be legally allowed. This is perfect for pushing caution against some wind, delegating your troubles, paternity tests and intellectual property lawsuits to their rightful place in the rearview mirror of life.

Sure, those last few sentences above are probably about as vague/stupid as the mountain of over-tugged press releases we delete every day/minute. But fuck, seems like a bit of a waste to just type "this is a really fucking good song" right? You're ears are probably telling you that right now. Clearly. And anyway, you and me both know these cunts are probably the best band in Sydney right now. Try that on for size sport/s. Spoiler: it fits nicely.

Identity Theft will feature on Unity Floor's upcoming release (7", EP, 12-disc DVD boxset?) which is expected to be out "sometime soon".

In the meantime, get out and see Unity Floors play somewhere near you. It'll be worth every cent of the petrol/train expense...

Friday, September 30: Black Wire, Sydney (Making EP launch)
Saturday, October 1: Sound Summit Festival, Croatian Club, Newcastle
Thursday, October 6: Good God, Sydney (Mannie Stern support)
Saturday, October 8: Black Wire, Sydney (New War EP launch)
Saturday, October 29: Maggotfest 2, The Tote, Melbourne

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Unity Floors


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YESSS!! THIS RULES SO HARD. They're also playing the third installment of 'Passing Strange' in the OAF Gallery on Thurs November 17. (With Hira Hira, Intentions + Sweet Teeth too.)

Bella 'Hype Machine' Crea

1 decade ago

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