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Polaroids Of Androids


Unity Floors
Just For A Minute (Live)

Hey rockstars. You don't need to be kunts anymore. Swaggering around waiting for babes/hunks to swoon over your perfectly social arrogant attitude isn't going to happen. The asshole days are over, Craigy.

Unity Floors are well known as being the Nicest Band In Sydney. And this positivity shines through when they play. Smiles on their faces. They're enjoying the show just as much as you are. They aren't posing for non-existent press shots, spitting on kids who just came out on a Friday night to hear some guitars or shooting staunch army faces at their loyal fans. They're right there with you. And it makes their perfectly executed slop-punk songs even more enjoyable. If that was even possible.

Filmed by Chris Alps at Emma Soup Gallery in Newcastle last night.

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Unity Floors


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super starz in the front rooww

1 decade ago

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