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The E.L.F.
Bounce Bounce Bounce

The E.L.F (aka Darren Cross aka Daring Dazza aka Sydney Midget Party Machine 2008) has a NEW video! But it's better than just a normal video because THIS VIDEO was made for exactly ZERO dollars!

Yes that's right - there was no budget. You know the music 'biz' is struggling when established super krazy megastarz like The E.L.F aren't getting any scrilla for their music videos.

Where the fuck has all that Gerling cash gone anyway? They were like the size of eleven Silverchairs in the early oh oh's.

Not one to bitch, moan and/or cry about the poverty stricken musical apocalypse that he has been thrown into, The E.L.F has gone and made a truly remarkable little video. It's possibly the finest piece of homemade awesomeness since that time SPOD unleashed the most kickass video of all time.

Bounce Bounce Bounce is out NOW via iTunes. It will also feature on The E.L.F's new EP Sunray In The Rave Cave which is due to be dropped like a murderous inferno ball of fire sometime in late September.

You can also catch the lil' disco animal (dinimal?) partying his ass off around the country all through September and October.

Of course The E.L.F isn't the first musician to be handed a cheque with a single zero on it when it comes to 'video making time':

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The E.L.F.


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