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The Mint Chicks
Life Will Get Better Some Day/Enemies

We are officially now 'giddy' with excitement over the new Mint Chicks album Screens, which is still on track to be released in February (in New Zealand at least).

Over the past six months or so the band has been offering up little sneak peaks of the songs that are going to appear on the record. In the past few weeks they have upped the ante a little bit and started also showing off some visual accompaniments (read: videos) for the new tunes.

Both of these fantastic, bright-coloured trip outs were created by guitarist Ruban Nielson.

Life Will Get Better Some Day


In addition to finishing up the new record the group have also recently put together Mintunes, an EP of 8-bit versions of their songs, which you can currently download for FREE via their website.

They will be heading back to New Zealand in a few weeks to play at the Auckland Big Day Out. At this stage it looks unlikely that they will trek across the Tasman to play shows in Australia.

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The Mint Chicks


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