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Vital Organs
In The Drink

Former Gene Wilder impersonator and Sydney-based punk, Christian Jovial Best, created his Vital Organs solo project from the ashes of his former band — the loud, obnoxious and Bloody Terrific punk-cunts Talons. When the black powdery matter failed to successfully mould into anything of substance, Lil Bestie added the potent ingredient of Red Hot SPOD, as well as a generous serving of chopped Freddy Durst prime rib and a substantial sprinkling kind of the kind of Acid that makes you want to dig up rotting corpses and politely (and delicately) "treat them right".

After a turbulent couple of years, including a Life Relocation to Sunny Baltimore, Christy has decided to resurrect the Vital Organs project and release the songs he created way back his "Sunny Marrickville" days.

The Vital Organs LP, Saturn Returns 2010, will be available as a free download from this Friday (March 23) via his Bandcamp page.

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Vital Organs


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