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Vital Organs

Vital Organs

One night, while hanging out with my homies somewhere in Marrickville, drunk off my lil' teets off longnecks (you drink doubles at the same speed as you drink singles), my phone exploded with a message...

I just recorded an extra special vital organs version of shimmy shimmy yah. Please don't hate me.

On average I get around three messages a week - two of which are from my girlfriend asking me to pick up some milk and/or firecrackers - so obviously a message informing me of an Ol' Dirty Bastard cover song being recorded is pretty much the best thing my phone has ever had the pleasure of displaying to me.

The sender of the message was Sir Christian J Best, better known as the little curly-haired frontman of legendary Sydney punk rock band Talons.

As the message alluded to, he has recently branched out into his own solo project under the name Vital Organs. The music of which sounds something like helium, Ebay vintage organs, gin, angst and 2am ideas mixing in a blender and served on ice. With more gin. Some tonic. And maybe a side order of mushrooms.



His debut EP is called Cannonfodder and should be available around the place (Paint It Black and some other outlets) in a couple of weeks time.


  1. Jellybeans
  2. Guitar Shop Blues
  3. Pretty In Stink
  4. Feelin' Down?
  5. Cannonfodder
  6. Shimmy Shimmy Yah
  7. Ivan's Last Stand...

Artwork, by Sonny from We Buy Your Kids:

Cannonfodder EP cover

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