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Polaroids Of Androids


Nodding Off (featuring Best Coast)

Yeah, we rode the Hype Parabola with the rest of youse. Probably over-played it. Probably over-wanked it. But now we're out on the other side. Sunshine is (kinda) creeping into our stale, moldy office spaces and we're once more desperately searching for a revitalising saviour for the oh-so-painful Wading Pool Months of thongs and flip-flops and g-strings. If that's now the solitary purpose of Wavves' uplifting slacker-doo-wop (no matter how dark he tries to make it) then so be it. His forthcoming collaborative Life Sux EP is looking like it'll be a fixture in our water-proof mini disc players throughout the long summer months. And that's something that we're genuinely looking forward to.

Life Sux will be released on September 20. Pre-orders, included special bundle packages and cheap iTunes options, are available now via the Ghost Ramp website.

Update (08/09): the local CD version of Life Sux will be available on September 30, via Inertia. Thanks to the Andrew (aka the new and untouchable Mark Dodds) for the heads up.

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