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Polaroids Of Androids


Mob Reality

Things move slow in the Whores World, exactly the converse of the fast-paced, pimp-hand-meets-face-meets-a-john-with-shank life/death daily maneuvers of Actual Street Workers. This song, for example, was originally premiered back in twenty eleven, but is only getting a proper release now, thanks to some minor mastering tweaks and some vinyl manufacturing $$$$s from those Ripper Society fellas. Thankfully, the wrist-slitting brutality remains unashamedly at the forefront despite this process. Like a slow death via a hug from an overweight maniac, oxygen dispelling from your lungs with each passing second, drowning in the blood that leaks from your kidneys and a sense of comfort and warmth you haven't experiencing since you were a boy/girl of pedophile attraction age.

The Mob Reality 7" will be available late June (now?) via RIP Society and all decent record stores. There will be an official launch show on July 14 at The Square with assistance from Tasmania's Drunk Elk (highly recommended!) and a bunch of More Sydney heroes. There'll also be a less official launch show with Per Purpose a few days earlier. Collect them all.

Original photo credit: Corey Madden.

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