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Polaroids Of Androids


Wil Wagner
Don't Go To Clubs (live)

This is an encapsulation of everything I love about Wil Wagner's songwriting. Disputatious and defiant, but avoiding a dictating tone by using exceptionally vivid imagery, splashes of profanity and frequent injections of genuine comedy. Bolstered in part by the hype-man audience participation on the key punch-lines.

Recorded on January 13 at the Phoenix Bar in Canberra, as part of the recently completed Glory Days tour.

Presumably Don't Go To Clubs will feature on The Smith Street Band frontman's upcoming solo LP, Laika, although there doesn't appear to be a tracklisting anywhere online. You can listen to two more tracks from the record over on the Poison City Record's Bandcamp and pre-order the release (scheduled to ship on Feb 4) via the label's web-store.

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Wil Wagner
The Smith Street Band


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