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Someone To Share My Life With

Described by major figures within The Music Industry as "the perfect soundtrack for fucking your wife and/or a sad Friday night wank" the engrossing atmospheric soul music of Melbourne lad James Wallace (aka Wintercoats) has had me/us transfixed for more than a minute now. While his debut, last year's four track Cathedral EP, focused a bit more on Winter Morning Optimism, his latest song, Someone To Share My Life With, is strictly for the lovers. Whether that's pulling that 9.8 babe close during the final song at your high school prom or treating your body like an amusement park in the bathrooms of the prom after party as your girlfriend gets glazed by the quarterback in the next cubicle.

You can see Mr Coats performing two super-rare shows in Sydney this weekend, TONIGHT at the first ever Radiant Live event at FBi Social and on Saturday at the latest re-incarnation of The Gate, Pablos House Of Coffee and Experimentation at Epping.

Update: turns out this is a cover of a Television Personalities song. Thanks to Greenleaf in the comments for the heads up. Here's the original 1984(?) version:

AND.. another cover version, this time by Sweden/Melbourne heartbreaker Mr Jens Lekman:

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Television Personalities


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This song is by Television Personalities. What a lovely version. Nice to hear it with intune singing! The original is great too - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrdRPtx9t7I

1 decade ago

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