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Woollen Kits
Out Of Whack

There's a fair bit of old-fashioned half-full glass bottom boat Hope here. Like nobody has told the Wooly Kids that sometime this year John Cusack is gonna make a mixtape so terrible it destroys the world. Not that they've ever been the kind of gang to worry about large-scale dramas. More insular focused, the entire world exists inside the four walls of this cum-stained bedroom, the biggest concern for the day is what time we've got to get down to the pub to meet Gary. He's gonna show us that new greyhound of his, and we might invest a bit of our Compo Cash in getting it a start.

Out Of Whack is the first sneak peak from the Woollen Kits' debut LP, which is out next Monday (January 16) via R.I.P Society. According to the label's CEO, Nicky Worncock, the record is guaranteed to make people "less cynical" and/or "send [their] Grandma a letter".

Launch shows!

Friday, January 20: John Curtain Band Room, Melbourne
w/ Dead Farmers (7" launch), UV Race, Loose Grip (7" launch)

Saturday, January 21: The Roxbury Hotel, Sydney
w/ Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Constant Mongrel, Singing Skies

And then they'll be heading off to the US for a month long adventure.

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