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Woollen Kits

Was happy for this to just be a re-configured, long overdue update of that whole "I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Mate" monster hit by the 1960's Small Faces, but then that crunchy guitar lodges it's size 11's into the Situation, doing to Doo Pop what Ringle Starr did for Fanatics of British Rail — reminding us we need it to get around.

Shelley is the Woolies' US debut, it'll feature on a 7" the lads are releasing via Trouble In Mind on August 7. It'll be limited to just 500 copies (all with download codes) and pressed on what has been described as "randomly mixed vinyl".

Closer to home, you can catch the Kilts showing off their legs (and music) this Friday Evening at The Square (corner of George and Hay Streets, Haymarket), with assistance from ol' faithful Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, newbies Drum Drum and bluddy brilliant Adelaiders Terrible Truths.

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Woollen Kits


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