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Polaroids Of Androids


Ambling Alp

I originally misheard the lyric as "stick up for the southside" and I thought to myself - "yeah, damn that northside, they are so smug up on the hill. Let's rise up. Let's burn down some cottages. Let's pillage HARD!!" I later discovered that the actual line was something about "sticking up for yourself, son" which makes a lot more sense. This is like that whole "livin' in a trash can" thing all over again.

This beautifully uplifting/chaotic new song from the Brooklyn group, which has been offered up as a free download via the band's website, picks up right where their brilliant All Hours Cymbals LP left off. Tribal rhythms, rising harmonies and an unpredictable clattering of random sounds - all of the ingredients that got us so interested in this group in the first place.

Ambling Alp will be released via Secretly Canadian in both vinyl and digital formats on November 3. It will also feature on the group's sophomore album, Odd Blood, which is currently scheduled to be released on February 9, 2010.

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Song of the summer? I think dudes need add 'Sesame Street' to their list of influences (in the best possible way).

12" is available to buy already too.

1 decade ago


That's a prostate milker, if I ever heard one.

1 decade ago

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