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Polaroids Of Androids


Yes I'm Leaving
Silk (Live at Old Bar)

Good news pilgrims and pillagers, some legend called Steven Smith has (somehow) created a portable version of Sydney's (Australia's) best live experience, Yes I'm Leaving. Put a handle on it mate/s. Their recent set at Old Bar in Melbourne is now available for whatever-yer-like on their Bandcamp. Load it up on yer Zune, plug that Zune into your available Winamp port, mount that Winamp on your Windows XP (Media Center 2005) PC, sit down on your Microsoft Couch and never leave the warmth/comfort of your palace ever again. While you wait for that McAfee virus scan to finish it's detailed analysis of the Winzip file, direct your Internet Explorer to the WMA audio player below and give a listen to the live version of Silk, originally from the trio's "bloody tops" 2010 self-titled album.

If, for some reason, you haven't yet caught up with the wonders of the Microsoft Revolution, you still have several options of "going old fashioned" and seeing the lads strut in a more physical format. Including the much-blugged-about show at Jura Books tonight.

Friday, August 2: Jura Books, Petersham
Saturday, August 10: Red Rattler, Marrickville
Saturday, August 24: Black Wire, Annandale

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Yes I'm Leaving


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