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Polaroids Of Androids


Yon Yonson
I Can Be Patient

As far as album openers go this is one is right up there with Common's Be, Wu-Tang's Wu-Revolution and/or the silly Scarface intro from that one Jay-Z album. "Bleak is gonna be a good rapper". Oh, laugh out loud so hard malt liquor leaks from my nose. Nothing funny here though, just a track that perfectly eases in, bringing in each component as needed like cameos on a Boyz 2 Men remix. Teasing us (sup, Charli Baltimore, circa that see-through red fishnet dress in The Source?) as we wait for The Drop like Skrilly X at an ASAP Rocky Runway Show, hoping that the sushi banquet line starts to ease up.

Sorry for the confusion, this isn't rap music (we've spurted enough words on that this week already). Matter-factly, this isn't really anything. Well, that's not true. It exists. But, it's not actually describable or pigeonhole-able with words, made up or not. We've previously used the tag/label "adventurists" for and Sydney duo, Yon Yonson, and on their debut full-length, Antipodes, that still remains the best description (we can come with). The band themselves describe the record as some "sonically varied tracks about travel, car bombs, loneliness, cancer and jesus's eyeballs". All boxes ticked.

Do yourself a Thursday Solid and go and suck down Antipodes for name-ya-price-dollars over on their Bandcamp.

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Yon Yonson


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