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Polaroids Of Androids


Yon Yonson
The Ballad Of Zion Ben Jonah

The spawns of Spencer Krug's wandering eyes are now all grown up. And they dwell in the beautiful ex-convict town of Strathfield and in-between brutal 12-hour sweat shop shifts making the World's Finest Car StereosTM they waste away their time in bedrooms pasting together ambitious guitar solos, childish sing-a-longings and overly triumphant two-man choirs to create magnificently epic odes to revolutionary scholars.

The Ballad Of Zion Ben Jonah is the first taste from an album the duo are currently working on and an impressive advancement from their enjoyable (and more whimsical) self-titled EP from earlier in the year. Hit up their Tumblr for the full serving of downloads and hassle/spam them via Facebook to start playing shows soon.

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Yon Yonson


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sick tune, can't wait to hear more.

1 decade ago

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