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Polaroids Of Androids


You Beauty
Mennal Mondays

Tag something in your Cloud with "NRL" and "Pop" and you'll have us Roiders dashing over to it like Noa Nadruku on a 120 metre incept try. But if we learnt anything from the stunning good looks of 1993 Immortal, Brad Clyde, surfaces rarely tell the complete story. And here, for all the glossy tropical shine and head-butting lyrical forthrightness, there's a fair slab of sadness underneath, dictating a tale of empty schooners, repeated stories, fallen legends and living with your parents. Arguably the most sombre rugby league sonnet penned since Glen Lazarus' faultless This Brick Has No Eyes acoustic EP from 2001.

You Beauty is the new offspring of Dally M winners Ohana, Mere Women and Absolute Boys. Their debut album, Jersey Flegg (album title of the year, if that is in fact the actual/real title), is due on next month.

You can catch them road-testing some of the material this Sunday at the Hollywood. Kick off at 4pm, with blind-side support from Trust Punks, Slow Down Mango and Sucks.

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You Beauty
Mere Women
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Waiiiiiit.... Please tell me that album title is true. Can't wait for single S.G. Ball.

9 years ago

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