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Polaroids Of Androids

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Tim Dwyer (aka 'Void') creates the kind of horrific, face-stabbing, bad-ass musical compositions that make up the soundtrack to your death scene - you vs a pair of those deadly spikey walls closing in. While you ungraciously fight the losing battle against your fate, you're unable to block out the 80's flashback visions of your nemesis, the maestro behind your impending painful death, who is currently cruising down the boulevard in your priceless convertible. Your lady is in the passenger seat. They're carefree laughter at your dire predicament adds an even deeper stabbing pain than the first wall of spikes which, coincidentally enough, have just entered your spleen.

Actually, sorry. That leads you to the conclusion that the above numerical value we've applied to this release is a typo and this isn't in fact ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DOPE SHIT!

Ok, let's try this again.

This music sounds like the feeling you have when you're a little bit pissed. Walking home from a night where you didn't really say anything too stupid or try the old sneaky finger-bang on that lovely little lass you've been eyeing for the past few years. You feel a little bit invincible so you drag your knuckles gently against a brick wall as you pass. There is a bit of pain, but thanks to the mix of light inebriation and the cool winter breeze you can easily block this out. In fact, it's all a bit of a rush. Like pushing it right to the brink to see if you take any of the edge off the blissful, euphoric high.

Opener How They Kill You, with it's grinding industrial screeches, warped 1938 horror movie sound-bytes and haunting dooms-day organs is - for lack of a better description - the most painful moment of the EP's four tracks. It's brutally forthright in it's approach and almost so unsettling that most sane individuals will find it almost unlistenable.

However, buried underneath these schizophrenic stabs of noise is a straightforward drum machine loop, punching away in a pop-like precision. That is the true beauty of Dwyer's work here. There is genuine contrast. Not simply a battle of violent restlessness and linear sanity, but rather the pleasures of finding unlikely crossing points between moods and, to a certain extent, genres.

The scars left from How They Kill You are loosely bandaged by the sun-soaked blissfulness of Spit Shine. The song is the closest the EP comes to being at all comforting or welcoming, taking the carefree forgotten chill wave genre of 2009 and delicately grinding it's head around until it pops right off. On one hand, it's a straight-forward back-to-basics brutalisation, yet it also exposes all of the short lived trend's fragility and shallowness. This fascination of warped sounds is taken to the next level on the following track, Beta Tape Warp, which breathlessly spurts out it's dying words over a head-numbingly thick bass line.

The EP closes out with Tetanus Wine, another cleverly compiled package of spaced-out, down-tempo vibes and sharp, dark edges. The song's early foundation of light, harmonious vocals are violently scratched away at, until the knife-sharpening synths finally dominate, transitioning from spiraling out of control whirlwinds to a collapsing messy heap.

In many ways the unpredictable, directionless adventure dictated in Tetanus Wine sums up the music's central objective. The compositions drag you into their dream-like existence, completely engrossing you in a wonderfully terrifying world. There's a substantial linear backbone, but it's only ever used as a guide so that the abstract army of indecipherable blips, pain-laced squawks of machinery and warm synths have a paradoxical point of reference.

As the name suggests, this EP is primarily designed to just be a mere sampling of Dwyers's work. Hopefully, a more substantial offering isn't too far away.

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How can I get a copy of this?

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes



1 decade ago

Vacuus Animus

this e.p is pretty dope

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

fucking yes.
just not long enough.

1 decade ago


I quite like this. It is a little like what's happening everywhere now but at least something interesting is coming from home for a change.

1 decade ago

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