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Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Ready For Boredom

I love this album.

Everything about it. The sloppiness. The out-of-tune singing. The blood curdling screams. The so-shitty-they're-amazing guitar solos. The drumming that hurts your right eardrum if you're wearing headphones and you turn it up too loud. The chaos. The sweetness. The things it reminds me of — other bands, old girlfriends, drinking beer, smoking one-too-many cigarettes. That tiny feeling you get when you have a cigarette and remember every anti-smoking commercial you've ever seen. Fuck those things are effective. I've quit smoking now, but I do miss those little lung bungers.

I live in Marrickville. This record was made not far from where I live. It fucking sounds like it too. It's dirty, it's loud, you're a little intimidated by it, but it still bleeds with a working class warmth that makes you feel comfortable and happy and accepted when you're within it's burly-armed man-hug. I'm glad my place is in Marrickville and not Enmore like the real estate agent listed it. Makes me feel like I own a little piece of this album. Like a small part of it was made just for us that live in the area. Like the Bed Wettin' Bad Boys are our home team. Karn boys!

I've seen this band a bunch of times. They're great. Really great. I'm like a lot of people/reviewers who saw them a few years ago when they were shit. I lived overseas for a bit and when I got back I saw them again and they'd gotten really fucking good. They looked silly, but they sounded unreal. You should definitely go see them.

There's a lot of people I know that probably won't hear this album. They'll ignore me when I recommend it. They'll hate it when they do listen to it. It's definitely not for everyone. It doesn't sound like much else out there that anyone is listening to. But I love it.

It feels like the sound track to my life at the moment. The soundtrack to my life for the last couple of years, even. I'm 27. Should probably start getting myself together soon. Get a girlfriend. Get my own place. I should probably try to put together a savings account, rather than rack up credit card debt. Thought about getting a dog. Too much hassle. Maybe in a few years.

In the meantime, I'm gonna keep drinking too much. Probably start smoking again, eventually. Keep going to gigs. Keep living in Marrickville. Keep listening to the Bed Wettin' Bad Boys.

Fuck, I love this album.

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Bed Wettin' Bad Boys


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oh man, this review makes me so happy. sounds like we're in the same fuckin' boat... except for the cigarettes (i didn't even bother to quit before taking em up again.
keep it up,


8 years ago

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