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Tiger Beats

Back in the stone-age, before iTunes TV commercial aspirations, triple-sided dildos and other silly life goals, Sir Ted Leo blogged (it was called LiveJournaling back then) about his embarrassing love for Kelly Clarkson's instant classic pop hit Since U Been Gone. A few days later Teddy plugged in his 4-track and belted out his own rendition of the tune. Aside from the fact he foolishly tacked a rendition of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' sombering Maps on the end to maintain his Brooklyn vegetarian credentials, he successfully brought to light the fact that pop songs are not only incredibly well-structured, but also often have completely tangible emotive elements attached.

Tiger Beats is the second and third paragraphs of this great chapter of music history.

Editor's Notings: you should go ahead a download this mixtape of covers and remixes from Collarbones' Bandcamp. Pronto.

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