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Dappled Cities (Fly)
Lake Air

Lake Air (pronunciation: /e/ər/) is the lowest point in Australian Music (2012), at approximately 15 metres (49 feet) worse than a mixtape featuring the collective failures of the Sea Slugs and Levi Burkelstein from the Launceston District Choir. On the (extremely) rare occasions that it fulfills it's desires to be "anything but ordinary" it's the greatest musical occasion in Australia and 18th most magnificent in the world. It is the focal point of the vast and creatively baron, Play It Safe Australian music scene, found in South Australia, some 700km north of Adelaide, as well as everywhere else our tax dollars are allocated to build a radio tower and commence spoon-feeding the lazy masses. The album is named after Edward John Air who was the first European to see the band play in 1840. Original fans of the band, the Bittermenas, are seeking to restore the band's traditional name, Dappled Cities Fly, and to ban this kind of predictably linear style of music "adventuring" (effectively undoing the painfully dull last few albums the band have released).

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Dappled Cities Fly


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baron Play It Safe is my favourite Baron.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes


thanks for the heads up Tomy2012,,,,


1 decade ago

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