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Electric Flu
Catch The..

The first song of Electric Flu's Catch The.. EP is called Minuteman. The second is called Weatherman. The third is called Dwayne. The fourth is called Anywhere. All those names are shit, and two of them are pretty much the same. The EP lasts six minutes. It's like listening to Beavis & Butthead sing along to the Butthole Surfers' Rembrant Pussyhorse. As far as I can tell, the most eloquent lyric goes "arrr ARGH raahhgha / rhaahaheararr / ar ar araarha / arrgghhh eerrrr arggh". There are no drums, just an irritatingly treble-heavy guitar and an overly busy bass line. It's the fucken goods.

When I was seventeen, I knew two guys who lived in this shitty little apartment in Wollongong. They used to go through two cases of beer a week. The shampoo rack in their shower and the spaces behind the toilet were full of their empties, which I think meant they drank while they shat. We used to go down the beach with a quarter and a packet of toothpicks, order a large chips from the fisho, wedge the toothpicks in the chips and throw them out at the seagulls to watch them kind of half-choke, half-eat. If those two guys could play anything, they'd be Electric Flu.

This EP is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard. The two guys behind Electric Flu, who refer to themselves as TEX and FIST, spend the whole EP yelling inaudibly at each other, one of them intermittently screams 'fuck' on Weatherman while the other shouts something about the weather along the lines of "he told me the sun would shine, and it rained shit". There's absolutely nothing important to be discussed here, and they're pretty angry about it.

On Dwayne, the two of them get together to whine about a girl — "[something] we had it going on, we were [something], so I told her to take it easy, because she was a slut, she called me Johnny, she called me Jimmy, she called me Andrew, she called me the hobbit" — all while an overdriven guitar meanders around alongside a caffeine-rush bass line. It's incredibly dirty, incredibly narrow and sounds like two dumb fucks playing half-arsed, incomplete dumb fuck music in some dumb fuck's bedroom. It's probably the shittiest EP I've heard all year, and I haven't stopped listening to it since I picked it up two weeks ago.

You know that bit in Billy Madison where Adam Sandler gives some speech and the examiner says to him, "everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to that, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul?" That is Electric Flu. Electric Flu are fucking awesome.

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Electric Flu


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We have a show at the Annandale on Sunday 27/11/11 too. Be there or be square.



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