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Guadalupe Plata
Guadalupe Plata

There's nothing that I could translate into words that would more effectively describe Guadalupe Plata's music than what is perfectly and concisely articulated in this NSFW video:

However, for those of you that are unable to notice the subtle descriptive nuances of a stripper yanking 10 feet of beads out of her husband hole — I guess I can attempt to wax lyrical for your reading pleasure.

Hailing from Ubeda, Spain, Guadalupe Plata are a doom blues troupe that seem just as hell bent on making you dance Satan's death boogie as they are on blowing the dams on your sex juice reserves, disintegrating the structural integrity of your mind and warping everything you ever thought the blues was or could be.

Citing the genre's early greats like Elmore James and Son House as major influences, they perform on their debut album with the same soul and sweat as their Delta south heroes, all the while drenching their mentors' work in a filthy sangria mix of neck-breaking guitar licks, punk rock explosions and "possessed cante jondo" (Spanish Flamenco singing).

Consisting of drummer, Guadalupe, guitarist/vocalist Plata, and washtub bass thumping Paco, this trio of sinister Spaniards make their instruments take on terrifying, life-like identities — shakers and drum thumps become the strikes of venomous rattle snakes; guitar slides and scratches morph into burning flames, licking your feet; and bass thuds beat like electrified hearts trying to break free of their bone and flesh cages.

Album highlights include hoedown in Hades Pollo Podrio, the heart attack during a hot fuck Gatito, and Spaghetti Western closer Habichuelas Del Oeste, it's long, reverbed guitar bends stretching like pink clouds over a desert sunset.

If you like your blues played disgustingly dirty, Guadalupe Plata should have you lapping their tunes up like a bulldog eating a bowl of yogurt.

For a free taste, head over to their Bandcamp.

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Guadalupe Plata


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