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Darker My Love

Because every action deserves an equal reaction. Science. It might seem like a ridiculous point of reference when discussing creative efforts, but Guerre's music is indebted to a fairly logic-based action/response orderliness. Every dark groan of personal anguish is pricked up by a flicker of positivity moments later. Each sharp, bone-shaking thud or perfectly re-wired, scattered glitch is flattened out by a soothing, layered vocal arrangement. Hope and despair are bed-fellows. Emotional vulnerability continually battles against both triumphant rhythm-and-truth outbursts and confidently delivered moments of control. But it's not just a simplistic application of contrast. Nor is it overly abrupt or violently conflicting. No, the strength of this EP is it's subtleness in documenting this war. Reporting on the patiently orchestrated chess match, between structurally correct confinements and sporadically limitless journeys. Often two moves at a time.

While all this talk of paradoxes and conflicts might conjure up unpleasant images of forced experiments in hybridity, the real accomplishment of this EP is the fact it's completely void of any of the usual methodical trappings. For the most part this is an explorative journey, with Guerre weaving through the songs, discovering the destiny as he travels. This not only makes for an incredibly engaging experience, but also perfectly compliments the music's deeply personal nature. Handmade by the artist with little — if any — external input, this EP is deeply connected to it's creative origins, depicted as the product of late night solitary bedroom moments. Blurry computer eyes and old souls. Feelings pouring out into USB microphones, recorded by pirated audio manipulation programs and uploaded straight into the judgmental eardrums of The Tumblr Generation. Forever existing in the archived cache holes of the Internet as deeply personal artifacts of a specific fragment in time.

While still mostly wavering between tenterhook murmurs of uncertainty and slightly more energised "neo-soul" expressions, Guerre's powerfully understated — often whispered — vocal arrangements remain the focus of his compositions. They are further strengthened on this release, however, by the scattering of willfully exposed quotes, utilised as climatic full-stops rather than traditionally defined hooks. These breakouts are primarily emphasised moments, where Guerre clarifies his thoughts into digestible one-liners, often depicted as his own actual moment of discovery rather than the hypothetic destination. These powerful, and often outlandish expressive declarations ("I want to reinvent the future"), not only help highlight the personal nature of the EP, but also assist in increasing our own level of engagement. Whereby, our lovable hero is triumphantly busting through significantly heart-crippling barriers with such gusto, and we're proudly watching him do so.

Darker My Love is a real accomplishment. Not only is it an accurate summation of Guerre's style and his work to date, it also successfully bridges the uncharted gap between his previously 'released' material and his intensely engaging live show. Above all else, Darker My Love sounds more real and more human than anything Guerre has done before. These are songs that dream, die and discover within their brief three-and-a-half minutes of life. Married to their creator, who stands with bare arms, vulnerable and untangled. And, most importantly of all, this is the perfect foundation for the seemingly limitless musical future that lies in front of him.

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