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Polaroids Of Androids

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Guilt Party

Remember that Chappelle Show sketch where the hoochie pisses on Davey in order to show her displeasure for his frequent insistence to "keep it real"? That's kinda where I thought Intentions would end up. Not in the literal sense, whereby the three lads would find themselves drowning in a golden shower of chlamydia, but more that their natural, unforced mating of math-rock firmness and loose-fitting melodic qualities would get lost amidst efforts to constantly prove their DIY credentials.

But, thankfully, on this four-track 7" release, not only have the group retained their unrestricted pop attributes, they've even brought them more into focus. Most notably with the stronger emphasis placed on Simon Unwin's unique vocals, which with their distant and strained style are perfectly suited to dangle freely outside the tight confines of the musical arrangements. Delivered with an unmistakable sense of conviction, his punctuated one-liners provide the much needed human element of the trio's sound, breaking the methodical regiment, as well as taking great pleasure in bouncing around inside your brain for an eternity. Or at least until someone with some sense brings Sir Chappelle out of retirement.

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