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Polaroids Of Androids

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James Blake

"What's this lavender shit, 'Dad'?" A sentence which will undoubtedly pass the lips of my unborn offspring when I play this record to them in the distant distant future. A completely justified basis for a leadership challenge as well. The slow whimpering mumbles, the all-encompassing, non-confronting gestures, the cold climate dependency. Imagine trying to explain all that to a spoilt piece of shit from The Luckiest Country On The Planet (circa Bob Hawke to circa 2080), a half-grown, mutant tadpole who's solitary life high-point was Doing A Bradbury and somehow sneaking past fifteen different types of contraception to kickstart his/her mission of only feeding their ears an evolved brand of post-post-dubstep so severe it causes anyone born pre-2020 to immediately implode upon hearing the first 'beat'.

Thankfully, the cut-n-paste, warped tape-hiss of Take A Fall For Me — Blake's collaboration with The RZA — comes in at the exact point where these disrespectful protests become uncannily similar in annoyance to Rizzle's 'boop-boop-boop-boop' Bobby Digital-era ad-lib. Vinegar, Italian peninsula, poltergeist, soaked in ice. The sheer batshitery is distracting enough, yet the track also provides the ideal segway into my rehearsed RZA one-liner medley ("pointy ass rings", "she's been in more hotels than bibles" etc). Saved. And The Mistake We Had To Have is back to thinking his Dad is just a complete nutcase who spent way too much of his childhood listening to Wu-Tang Forever.

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James Blake


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