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Man Man
Rabbit Habits

Unfortunately for me, there is only so many combinations of the phrases "a circus carnival", "crossed with", "homesick sailors" and "and a gorilla wrestling a rhino in a music shop" that I can put together to try and describe the music of Philadelphia's Man Man. Fortunately however, I do find it is endlessly amusing and distracting to come up with ridiculous phrases such as those mentioned in the last sentence.

Rabbit Habits once again sees the strange face-painting troupe from Philadelphia confuse the hell out of everyone with their bipolar song writing antics. Mind bending morsels like "You need aristocratic glow in the dark erotic magnets" can be witnessed in album highlight Top Drawer, while in the next breath the lament of "All I see is a shallow grave trapped inside a pretty face" can be heard in Poor Jackie.

How is an average person meant to process such a wide range of emotions and themes all at once? The answer to this question of course: They're not. Because just as answering my own rhetorical question in an album review makes completely no sense, so to does this album. Not. Make sense. In a good way. I think?

At times all the uber-abstract weirdness becomes a little difficult to take, but at the same time not many people would argue that this is an album intended to be put on over a nice meal or while chilling out and reading a magazine on model aircraft building. Nor is it probably wise to put it on repeat, trying to suck up every facet of it at once. Probably better to let it sleep every now and then, and to let it wake occasionally to do frantic backflips in your bowels and stomp up and down on your head.

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Man Man


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