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Midnight Juggernauts

This record is generally a electronic-by-numbers affair. I remember not that long ago I considered Midnight Juggernauts to be one of those rare, unpredictable electro-rock local acts. Quirky and mysterious there was a definate appeal to them. They conitnually walked on the line between safe and wild. Due to the fact that they were part of an ever-increasing, slightly overpopulated genre with other more 'sceney' bands they needed to pick their side, define their sound and run with it. I was holding out hope that they would select the creative side and become a chaotic orgy of guitar feedback and dance beats. But alas the 'safer' option was chosen and they slowly morphed into a polished, refined, more electronic focused group and ploughed forward with an increasing fan base and lots of radio love bites.

Their highly anticipated debut record paints a familar picture of an electronic future where we all dance instead of walking and Daft Punk are the supreme rulers of the world. Although a formula that has been reworked about 17 billion times since Kraftwerk invented electronic music in March of 1977 it is something that clearly works. On this record Midnight Juggernauts prove that they have mastered a sound that is pure to it's ancestors while at the same time laced with their own unique slightly - albeit mostly bland - touch.

From the Deep Space Nine-esque intro, through the well known Triple J faves Shadows and Road To Recovery and the standard closing ballad the listener is taken on a very smooth and non-contronting ride. It's not bad - it's just doesn't do anything that grabs the listener. For people like me who don't necessary like electronic music yet are still occasionally impressed by random releases (ie. Justice and LCD Soundsystem) this album will not get played a great deal. Lovers of the beeps, blips and spaceage star gazing genre will surely find more substance in this release than I do. Maybe I just don't 'get it' but I think I will stick to holding out hopes that Daft Punk come and visit our shores sometime soon.

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Midnight Juggernauts


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have been streaming this from myspace today, fantastic band and a truly brilliant album imo!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

I think this is one of those albums you either or love or hate.
I just found it a little flat to be honest - a little predictable.

It came at the wrong time for me.. I was listening to other electronic music around the same that was slightly more expressive.. and with a bit more substance..

1 decade ago


they are totally great live... kinda takes you off into a parallel space universe... Jambo try to catch them live if you can... you won't be disappointed.

I think the album is good, just lacks those big hits that take it to the next level. Definitely an album I will re-visit again and again though.

1 decade ago

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