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Polaroids Of Androids

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There isn't really any other way to say it - this is a damn fine slice of modern Australian rock. It's honest, image-free and not driven by a fashionable sub-genre or two minute trend. Peabody, who are quickly approaching legendary status (in Sydney at least), melt together the free spirited attitude of pub rock, the wildness of 90's indie new school punk and a great self-awareness in their songwriting, and churn out some of the most instantly addictive songs to grace my ears in 2008.

There are a variety of moods across the 10 tracks of Prospero. At one end of the spectrum is the gut-smashing attitude of Buzzard Vs Ibis and at the other end is the honest, emotive nature of Closing In On You. The rest exist at varying levels between these two bookends, with the group's signature strength of cleverly balancing addictive, catchy hooks with a wild ferocity tying it all together.

None of these songs will knock you over with their aggressiveness, nor will they pull slowly at your heart strings until you are completely immersed in their world. The way in which they tip-toe between falling on either side of this fence is not only one of the most interesting areas of the album, but also provokes a great mixture of emotions from the listener. There is no better example of this than the track Something To Someone, which builds up, powered by a sense of desperation and anger, while the lyrics are served up with a strange mix of determination and apprehension. The group not only deliver this paradox through the consistent songwriting, but just as much through the vocal delivery and the music, which moves from grand explosive moments to fragile delicateness within the space of just a few bars.

In a similar style to fellow Sydney band, Further, who released an equally brilliant album earlier in the year, this record is laced with a slightly retrospective tone. The group are far from unambitious, but there is definitely a feeling that they have accepted their place in the local music scene and they sound creatively free and completely unrestrained as a result.

This album and the band that created it are a real treasure of the local scene. Appreciate them. Hug them. Buy this album and/or go and see them live. We need to hang onto bands like this while we can.

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