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Rat King / Lenin Lennon
Steel City Splitty

Green and Gold, Rat King's contribution on this split 7", is probably not going to be used as the official Australian team song for the upcoming London Olympics. Mostly because of the shabby recording method applied. And also because Tina Arena (rightly so) has already been given the nod. There's also the issue of the song being so deeply entrenched in the filthy undercurrent of society that it would probably cause old mate Ian "Thorpe" Thorpedo to get a bit slicy on his limp wrists. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And there's nothing wrong with this song either, which, for those that love relatable unhelpful reference points, roughly sounds like Bird Blobs riding the Batrider Express deep into the gin-soaked scattered mindframe of Gary Liddiard. With a touch more fringe-grinding feedback. The song frequently threatens to collapse. Like a suicidal human hanging onto the edge of a building/bottle. We watch on, waiting patiently for the finale, but frequently relieved (or disappointed if you're a morbid cunt) when a sudden splash of reasoning moves them away from "Heaven" like an adrenalin shot into the soul of a horse-riding junkie.

Fellow Newcastlites, the much more energetic Lenin Lennon, split their half of the 7" into two parts — a short stabby track called Don't Know and a longer stabby track entitled Shadow Moses. The latter suits their form of angsty mathletics better, with the extra few minutes allowing them to get a decent hold of your throat and spin you around a few dozen times. Given the circular motions your body is experiencing, it's obviously a bit hard to tell what they're saying, but the sentiment is fairly clear. They're going to hoof another seven litres of Clag GlueTM and then boot your jubblies firmly into your belly region.

If nothing else, this ten minutes of music proves once and for all that — even after the death of Silverchair, Crabsmasher and BHP — Newcastle is still more than capable of producing brilliantly noisy, sperm-boiling bands. With fantastic names.

Free download of this 7" available here (Rat King) and here (Lenin Lennon). Physical release available via Forbidden Shopping "soon".

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Rat King
Lenin Lennon


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Come on, Silverchair weren't THAT good.

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