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Regular John
The Peaceful Atom Is A Bomb

Regular John are a fantastic live band. The ear-bleeding volume level is the leading punch, but it's also backed by a believable whiskey-skulling attitude, spat at the witnesses/victims through a combination of wailing guitars, yelped vocals and raw, unrestrained energetic spurts. Unfortunately, very little of this successfully transfers over to their debut record.

The group's current radio singles - Abattoir Noir and Language - are the initial standout moments. But while they are both instantly appealing, catchy snippets of cock out rock, forcefully grabbing your attention, they are also completely one-dimensional and flat. And this soulless style continues for the majority of the release, with the band's lack of music ownership severely limiting their ability to cover the album's 50 minute duration.

The Peaceful Atom Is A Bomb does, however, occasionally hit the spot. The pop ballad The Lonely Sky - although sounding a little 'familiar' - shows a brilliant sense of emotional control. While, at the other end of the spectrum, their ninety-second punk romp Hivey comes closest to bottling the group's raw energy, starting and ending within the same breath, yet still completely focusing all of it's attention on beating the living shit out of the listener.

For some reason or another Regular John find themselves as the unofficial leaders of a rougher, tougher generation of modern Australian rock. And while they neatly fit into the middle ground between the pop rocking chart-toppers (Jet) and the gutter-dwelling explosive types (The Ripping Dylans) they fail to strike the right balance between being commercially appealing and creatively exciting. This album traces over a lot of proven formulas and while hardly being offensively bad, is far from the remarkable offering it could have been.

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Regular John


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The Recording is a little over produced. The songs have lost their dirtiness. But, I still think it’s a great debut effort. Inner west rock rules!

1 decade ago

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