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The Sound Of Trees Falling On People

I am extremely annoyed at myself over my naivety towards electronic music in the past. In fact, before this year I didn't really know what existed between some dipshit messing around in Garageband (read: me) and the stadium filling Fat Boy Slim's of the world. I never investigated who filled that large void until recently when I began to discover local acts who were creating their own brand of lo-fi, homemade glitchy electronic music.

Comatone and Foley's brilliant Trigger Happy was a real ear-opener, as was Mark Barrage's recent offering, Delays, both of which thrive off the beautiful boundary-less start-stop style they exist in. Sydney's Seekae (formerly operating under the name Commander Keen) take a slightly more ambient path, finding their pleasure in blending minimal drum loops with much wider, lush soundscapes.

Although built on a consistent foundation of rough-cut chunks of synth, there is plenty of variety to be found on this record. Wool, which features a nice guitar backbone and 'surprise vocals' from Ghoul frontman Ivan Vizintin, is a particular highlight. As is the Commodore 64-esque Snax and the starry, floating nature of Void, both of which thrive on taking the more slightly unpredictable path they travel down.

It's when the group take their time building up to the climactic point that they are really able to drag the listener into their world. The nine minute wonder John Duncan, which brilliantly builds from a whirling flicker of blips into an all-engulfed noisy finale, is far and away the shining moment of the release.

This album isn't without it's flaws, and running in at around 73 minutes it's possibly a touch too long, with the group replaying a handful of tricks. This is just a minor miss-step, however, and on the nights where all you want to do is lay down on the couch, knock up a perfectly blended Bombay Sapphire and Coles-brand tonic and wish away a tough week - you will love the fact you don't need to get up to change CD's for over an hour.

Seekae have done more than enough on this record to whet my appetite for more material from them and also helped fuel my new-found appreciation of this type of local electronic music.

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