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Shady Lane
Built Guilt

This is an interesting album. That might sound like a backhanded, face-slapping winner, shot right down the line past those dubious Neutral Umpires with their zero opinions about anything, but there really is no other way to describe this. "Adventurous" is a label those umps would slap here, perfect for the quotable packshot sticker and dramatic large font press quips. "Selfish" is probably a step too far, obviously conquering up negative connotations of Artists focused primarily on contorting their bodies so that they're able to successfully lodge themselves inside their own vaginas.

But, Built Guilt is a selfish record. Not in the sense that it's overly egocentric or purposefully repellent; nor in that it approaches it's subject matter in an insular or overly personal manner. This is simply an album lost in it's own ideas. Obsessed with unnecessary complexity, unrequired jolts and trillions of whiplash-inducing shifts, devilishly over-detailed production layers and a frequent fidgetiness. Built Guilt isn't a record made for me. And it probably wasn't made for you either. Unless you're name is Jordy "Shady" Lane. Hi Jordy. Sorry that this is a bit of a negative, and somewhat confusing, review so far.

This album is a patchwork of pop ideas and bedroom prog-rock ambitions, muddled together inside the head of it's creator and then ejaculated on the face of predictability. The often indistinguishable resulting glaze is held together by large extravagant elements and random audio squirts. Oversized guitar movements and quirky zaps of robotic discomfort grind up next to each other, making strange bed-fellows and awkward consummation sounds. Traditional 'Quirksmode Pop' occasionally creeps in through a back door, but it's discarded hastily, with galavanting jam sessions held in a much higher regard than any form of tangibility or logic.

On some days the directionless freeform this album is built on is a welcoming creative escape, inviting me to get lost amidst the ridiculous amount of unnecessary detail, frequent restlessness and beautifully unstructured mess. But for the rest of the time this album sounds like just a creative exercise, it's existence solely justified by it's own pleasure. Although showcasing exceptional talents in a creatively limitless realm, it's a frequently bumpy and almost entirely uncomfortable ride.

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Shady Lane


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sparks mcgee

can't wait to hear this.

1 decade ago

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