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Sweet Teeth
Your Treasure Is Our Trash

I recently enrolled my 13-week old miniature schnauzer in puppy pre-school. Overall, it was a fairly enjoyable experience. He learnt how to sit, rollover and the safe mounting approach when humping golden retrievers. There was a young girl also in the class with her Shipoodle, Misha. She was maybe twelve, thirteen. Not quite at the age where the teasing onslaught of puberty has put her back in her rightful place as a gangly know-it-all geek and/or back into her bedroom, lightly slicing away at her wrists with a butter knife while the relatable sounds of Good Charlotte (or their 2012 equivalent) blast from the 20 watt Teac stereo.

Her presence dominated throughout the four week course. She was an annoying, righteous, little twerp. Every few minutes interrupting proceedings to tell us a painfully boring story about the time Misha ate her dressing gown and/or correcting the veterinary nurse's pronunciation of the word 'harness'. She'd been alive on the planet only slightly longer than the unfortunate coadunation that had created her, yet she carried the kind of vociferous confidence normally associated with someone with more degrees than a one-eighty back grind by a Harvard professor.

This EP swaggers with an unshakable self-assurance. It doesn't deal with outcomes, preferring instead to spit inexperienced life lessons and parade cliches without a care, melting together unconvincing scrotum pierced attitude with over-polished glamour, bratty sexual innuendo and sloppy drunk 2am dance rock. There's no sincerity here, just youthful cockiness. And another house party, a handful of mystery prescription pills, a few more Black Smirnoffs and a Posca drawn penis on a passed-out mate. This might sound perfect for the generation that knows more about DoS attacks than MS-DOS, but for me it's just an uncomfortable experience.

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Sweet Teeth


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I recently read a review of the band Sweet Teeth's album "Your Treasure is Our Trash" on Polaroids of Androids by reviewer Jonny.

Just kidding. I looked at one though, and quickly realised it wasn't going to tell me anything about the album. Thanks. For nothing.

No seriously thanks, I signed up to Polaroids of Androids and look forward to reading many more insightful reviews by Jonny.

Jonny, your treasure is our trash.

1 decade ago


I really like this review. And it actually describes some of the feeling I had towards this band but couldn't quite put my finger on. But I do enjoy them

1 decade ago


This review actually does sum up the album quite well. I found myself distracted too. It was a good listen, but I just couldn't remain focused

1 decade ago

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