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Tony Molina
Dissed And Dismissed

Prologue: seeing as all the songs on this record hover around 1.30min, I thought I'd take a slice of inspiration from Tony Molina's creative output and write this review in a minute and a half, give or take an hour for spelling/punctuation corrections. So the following is all I could squeeze out in 90 seconds.

Like the underside of an ice cream container or licking the beaters from a cake mix, some times the best part comes in very small doses.

On Tony Molina's new album Dissed And Dismissed the songs only run a minute and a half on average, meaning there's usually only time for one chorus and one guitar solo, but everything is wrapped up in a pretty little bow and it tastes, sounds, smells, looks delicious.

There are obvious Weezer and Dino Jr points of reference, and there's an innocence angle that never quite escapes twee, making this sweet piece of pie a little sickly.

But at the end you'll feel more satisfied than you feel guilty.

Epilogue: apologies for all the food/taste references. The record's sugary appeal found it's way in as a metaphor right at the start, and then kind of didn't go away for the rest of the review. I guess the 'train of thought' doesn't stop at many stations in a minute and a half.

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Tony Molina


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