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Polaroids Of Androids

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Common Errors

Across the 12 minutes of this EP it's hard to shake the feeling that a lot of what Sydney's Traps are trying to do has been done before. The group sound unashamedly similar to the catchy style adopted by the majority of 21st century indie pop rock bands. So much so that it is often hard to tell whether or not Traps are creating decent songs - or they are simply good at sounding familiar.

Sure, everything gets laced with the group's own brand of slightly over-dramatic colloquial twang, the hooks are irresistibly addictive and there is a nice - albeit slightly tame - carefree punk edge to their sound, but there isn't too much 'freshness' on show.

And it's a shame too as it's impossible to ignore the fact that Traps are a talented band. The spiraling guitars that playfully intersect with the (almost) Silent Alarm pounding rhythms of the EP's title track nicely fuse together feelings of frantic confusion and party-starting crowd chanting rituals. The three tracks that follow (although not as well executed) showcase an impressive mix of youthful enthusiasm and willingness that confidently waltzes between dark theatrics and catchy indie pop in a blink of an eye.

Traps are definitely a band that have a bucket load of potential. Hopefully next time around they are able to bring something of their own to the table.

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