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Tucker B's
Nightmares In The Key Of (((((WOW)))))

It is the Tucker Bs' unique sense of variety that has ensured they have continued to sound fresh and interesting after so many damn fine years at the top of the Australian Music Mountain Of Rock Success And Majestic HJs. Nothing that the band does can ever be relied on, taken for granted or something something something for a grain of salt. This isn't to say that they focus all of their attention on continually switching their approach and style, but more in the way that even their most diligent fans have never really been able to properly 'figure them out'. Every smirk of silliness is counteracted by an emotional outburst. Every flash of pop sensibility is railroaded, bamboozled and shamed by an insane scream of joy or a feedback driven squeal. With the Rucker C's everything is up in the air. Nothing is fixed and no path is ever set in stone. It's a pleasurable off course journey where the direction, method of transport and all other factors (cost, number of stops etc) are controlled by an undisciplined (yet completely lovable) bratty child.

In a similar vein to their monstrous 2005 album, Chubby, Nightmares In The Key Of (((((WOW))))) makes an explosive entrance. First Born Sun leaps off into a space-like black hole before crashing out into a celebratory explosion of all that it means to be immersed in the world of the Tuck Tuck's. It's instantly catchy, uplifting, violent and engaging. The record then gently slides into it's comfortable chair, puts it's feet up and proceeds to get slightly 'munted' as it quickly darts between the fringes of alt-alt-country (Bear), pain-stricken theatrics (Wow) and pure lyrical dynamite meets classic Tucker insanity (Cop).

The second half of the record is kicked off by a subtle reminder that the Trucker Beez still have complete control of the situation. While Cop may have seen the group 'get more lyrically weird' than ever before ("I touched your mommy and glanced at your dad, it was the most fun I've ever had") - No Lazy Death is a gentle stabiliser: a calm moment that is very much needed before the scream heavy Mother and Pompous set forth once again on their mission of tearing the listener's face off. The pair of tracks are also the closest the group has ever come - in 'recorded format' - to matching the intensity of their live show. Hat tilted TB's, hat tilted.

Before calling it a day Nightmares gets in a few more sneaky left/right kidney punches of randomness - firstly with a confusing ballad called Burd Surgeon - lead by a mystery guest vocalist - and then with a completely over-the-top three-minute instrumental track entitled Heatty. While most bands would struggle with moving between these two points, within the context of this record - which sees the Bucker T's show more alternate sides to their persona than ever before - this is the most suitable way to conclude.

Nightmares In The Key Of (((((WOW))))) deserves quality time from your ears. It's brilliantly incoherent, completely confusing and fascinatingly original. All of which means that you will more than likely spend just as much time trying to figure this album out as you will enjoying it.

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Tucker Bs


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Jonny, you absolutely spot on! It is brilliant in a strange way for me. For some reason, it keeps me calm while americans nagging in the hostels we stay at in Lisbon. I fucking love it.

1 decade ago


Please excuse the many typo's.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

thanks kristov.. truly brilliant album ay?
more people need to get onto this one

1 decade ago

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