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Life Sux EP

Fairly safe to assume that this is what we're gonna get from Nathan Williams here on in. Studio shine, a snarl of attitude, a teenager-forever mentality and plenty of early-Weezer pop structure. A far cry from the rougher-than-blow-up-doll-intercourse aesthetic of his first few homemade releases, but we all knew that wouldn't (and couldn't) last forever. In addition to giving him a cleaner pallet to deliver from, this gradual transformation has allowed his dominate punk-cunt personality to stand at the forefront of his music.

It's this bratty nonchalance attitude that dominates this six track EP. Vague lyrics, sporadically sprayed at nobody-in-particular like jizz at a record-breaking orgy, are appropriately accompanied by a more disposable approach to the music, hastily delivered in three-chord bursts and generally more predictable, straight-forward riffs. This is also the closest that Wavves has come to emulating — and possibly evolving — his early-90s southern California power-punk upbringing.

The solitary lowpoint of the EP is the experimental duet with hardcore Canadian band Fucked Up, which sounds like an awkward mish-mash between 16-year-old egg-throwing and a serious life dedicated to the finer points of backyard wrestling. But it arrives after four consistently focused pop-punk songs, delivered with enough variance to be their own distinguishable pieces, yet connected via a similar fuck-the-world throwaway attitude. Even the duet with his girlfriend, Betty Best Coast, isn't directed from the usual introspective relationship viewpoint, with the subject matter focusing on day-to-day disagreements rather than cringe-worthy pillow talk.

Williams has now successful moved his style away from it's hyped bedroom origins to a place where his pressure-free approach is now matching by a well-executed unashamed pop delivery. A freedom that's surely going to serve him well in the future.

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Dig it.

9 years ago


Nice review. I enjoyed this ep. and also enjoying his gradual movement away from his initial scratchy records.
And yes, the 5th song really just kinda blows

9 years ago

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