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My Holiday In Space

About ten months ago we stumbled on an exciting new electronic duo from Sydney called WOW. They were different from the majority of others in the over-crowded genre, with their music taking a more lo-fi approach and really hitting the spot where creative expression and well structured pop music meet. Their debut release - the Common Species 7" - was a fantastic double serving of honest, almost punk like electronica, delivered with a genuine sense of self belief and drenched in the group's own unique homemade aesthetic.

A lot has changed over the course of the year for the duo and they have risen up the ranks of the local scene at a rapid pace. On this, their first compact disc release, the group dive head first into exploring a wider spectrum of sounds. Unfortunately, My Holiday In Space loses everything that made the duo so exciting and original the first time around, as it has been suffocated by a thick layer of overly precise pop production and a series of predictable electronic music fail safes.

From The Presets-like vocals of the EP's opener Icy Cold, it's immediately apparent that the whole pleasantly underdone side of their music has been replaced by a shinier, updated and more easily consumable coating. The 'punk rock' number No Aspirations, while being the most instantly appealing song, is also the most cringe worthy, sounding a lot more like bratty teen pop than the genuine carefree angst it is attempting to emulate.

The EP's standout track Future Ghost comes closest to recapturing the brilliance of the group's debut release with the application of a variety of different textures and uncertain vocals combining nicely. However, just as the other five tracks of the release, it suffers from an overly processed style of production that is completely at odds with the bands style.

We haven't given up on you yet WOW. Win us back.

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