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UNIF's oFFENDid t-shirt has been restocked

Jerry didn't convert to Judaism for the Jewish Jokes and you probably shouldn't convert to Neo-Nazism just for the Fashion. Although it's a very tempting proposition, especially when aided by the visual stimulants in iconic films such as Higher Learning, where the White Power Boys' Clockwork Orange-esque boots/trousers/army jacket combination looks especially striking when held up against Omar Epps' undeniably dated loose double denim and orange Timberlands outfit.

But there are plenty of half-way points, including this t-shirt from UNIF, which catches the eye with it's liberal use of the iconic Nazi swastika flag and then backhands everyone and anyone with an anti-high fashion statement.

UNIF recently re-stocked the design, which has been out-of-stock pretty much since the moment it was originally released mid last year. It's once again available via their web store in super limited quantities. There's also the "racist booting" sleeveless version for the extra hard cunt inside us all.

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This is an extremely distasteful design, and if they wish to sell it, the company should donate all profits to organizations that words towards cultural understanding and cooperation.

7 years ago

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